Live 1986 New Haven CT
Live 1986 Goes Holland
1987 WHFS Interview
Live 1987 Binghampton NY
Live 1987 Albany NY
Live 1987 Baton Rouge
Live 1988Los Angeles, CA
Live 1988 KDHX, St Louis
1989 Pleasure Barons
Live 1990 KROCK Interview
Live 1990 Winnepeg, Canada
Live 1991 Austin Cable TV
Live 1991 Marquee NYC
Live 1992 Casbah San Diego
1992 Lone Star NYC Covers
1993 Pleasure Barons
1993 KITS Interview
LIVE w/ the New Duncan Imperials
LIVE 1995 Austin TX Radio Show
Live 1996 MPLS MN
Live 1997 Houston TX
Live 1997 Atlanta GA
Live 1998 Hollywood CA
Live 1999 Denver CO
Live 2000 Denver CO
Live 2000 Columbus OH
Live 2000 Little Rock AR
Live 2000 7th Street MN
Live 2001 Balt MD
Live 2001 Columbus OH
LIVE 2003 Casbah Sound Board
LIVE 2004 Continental Club, TX
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The material you find on these web pages are for the personal enjoyment of all members of the MOJO Republic and Mojonites across the globe. Mojo's philosophy encourages the FREE trading of all his recorded material.
Need Proof ... ?

From his show rider posted on 
Lots of FLASH Photography
(For ELVIS in Las Vegas effect)
a) Please do not turn away cameras
b) Please allow Mojonites to tape shows.

Mojo has
publicly stated  that he
encourages Mojonites
to burn copies of his CDs and swap show tapes and MP3s.


So you really don't want to have to grapple against The Big Mojo and his Even Bigger Anti-Censorship Band-Wagon!

The Bootleg Shack is BACK online!
Most of the files are now hosted on In addition to the links you find here that I uploaded, try keyword Mojo Nixon and you'll find all types of goodies!

The ultimate video archive for all that is Mojo Nixon. at the Mojo Nixon World Empire youtube station

First a little page history: Back in 1995 I first put these pages on the web to share those cool Grotto photos I had taken back in 1986. Then around 1999 MP3 became real popular and I finally had a way I could share this real cool tape I had taped from a college radio station back in '86. Just a few weeks after I put the first MP3s up on this page I received messages about trading MOJO tapes. I told the first serious trader instead of swapping tapes why don't you encode your show so all MOJO fans could hear them. He responded to my generosity and has now ripped TWO shows he recorded himself. Other MOJONITES have seen the wisdom of this policy and have encoded or contributed all the shows you see here. MOJO's Bootleg Shack home for many years was BLUESBREWSBBQ! Big thanks go out to A Mojoholic from CT who donated a big chunk of space on his server.

So don't be a leech ... c'mon Ante Up !  
The files are easier to grab more than ever now.
Photos, flyers, tapes, cds...anything MOJO!
If you need help encoding, uploading, scanning, or whatever then please contact me ! 

This site now is home to MANY ! complete shows,
 a rare sound check and various Mojo oddities. 

What have you done to spread the word of MOJO ?

The ball is rolling.. Don't let it stop! 
Let me know if you have any live MOJO that we can share with the MOJO masses.

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