Groveling at the Grotto

Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper Live
at the Grotto in New Haven CT.

In support of the Frenzy record 9/20/86.


My View of the Show

I was lucky enough to meet MOJO before the show. He was a friendly as could be... posing for picture backstage and asking my partner and me all kinda questions. Showtime starts and MOJO sits down right in front of us in that wooden chair and just starts stomping and rocking and wailing those three chords. The audience was totally into it ... singing along and call and response.  Highlights for me had to be the  Jesus at McDonalds - Roadrunner medley, Eat Them Words, and InaGaddaVida with the Sonic Love Jug solo !

This particular show was also simulcast on Wesleyan's own WESU in Middletown CT... Due to popular request I've compressed the whole show for your enjoyment. 
The sound is a little dodgy though.
Remember this is a well worn ~10 yr old tape recorded quite far away from a college radio broadcast. The stereo faded in and out so I decided to make it mono 64kps/44khz and to make it bandwidth friendly.

 Java script must be enabled to see the HIRES version.

All pix are copyright Artrocity and cannot be used in any way without prior permission.

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