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I've had the extreme pleasure of seeing George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars on four separate occasions.

The first time was at the Apollo Theatre in NYC in support of the Cinderella Theory release. I was absolutely blown away by the the band's ability to maintain that level of funk for 4 continuous hours. It was a perfect beginner show with Maceo Parker as MC and cue cards for the uninitiated.

The next chance I got to see them wasn't until I moved to DC and caught a New Year's show at Constitution Hall (Dec 30 1993). Poor sound and surprisingly little enthusiasm from the crowd made this my least favorite PFUNK show.


The next time was a great show. Captured on film at a small club in Baltimore MD on Nov 1,1995. It was a 4 hour blast of postive funk! Follow the link to see a contact sheet of some of the best shots I took at the show.
LIVE PIX from Nov 1995

This was the killer. The funk of all ages. The Bomb....
Central Park. July 4th.  The Mothership Reconnection.
Bootsy! Bernie ! and The brides...
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Central Park NYC July 4,1996

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da official drfunkenstein site

PFUNK allstars links  
George Clinton's Art Gallery
George has produced a lot of visual artwork over the years, and he's in the process of making it available over the web.


Go to the Mother Page.
This is the Definitive Source on anything that is PFUNK.
Lyrics,discography,personnel listings... all your FAQs answered.

P-Funk News Across One Nation is a site run by Gina Hall which contains LOTS of great photos, tour dates and updated NEWS . 

One Nation WebZine
The Quasi-Official On-Line P-Funk Fanzine/Club Thang. Lots of tidbits to catch up on the latest MOB activities.

The New Funk Times
This is the home page of the an *official*  P-Funk newsletter which covers George Clinton / Parliament / Funkadelic and related artists. It offers newsletter articles, cartoons (by artists like Pedro Bell), links to other funky pages.

Rock Out Censorship's PFUNK LINKS

The Ultimate Band List's PFUNK page
Excellent music link databases with all your favorite bands.

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