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Warehouse: Songs and Stories:1987


After the Clash broke up Husker Du seemed to be rock's last chance for survival. I remember listening to Zen Arcade like it was Quadrophenia 10 years back . Fuck Townshend and Strummer now Bob Mould is my Guitar hero !!

Was real lucky to catch them at UMASS on the warehouse tour and posing as the college press i was able to get introduced to the band. The next night (?) we arrived early to the Agora before even the soundcheck and Bob and Co. recognized(!) us and we were in w/ backstage access. Got some really amazing shots .

I think it was about a year later that we saw them at Toads in New Haven and I brought a big book w/ all my shots to the show and again arrived right at sound check. Bob loves the pics especially the 8x10 of the 'secret' whammy.. face into the Marshall. He invites us backstage to watch the Twins(!) playing the world series and asks if we every heard of Lenny Kaye and there he is mooching smokes off of us and getting high w/us and Grant Hart.

Most of these shots on this page were taken at the old Hartford Agora on March 21 1987, the second leg of the warehouse tour.

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The Flying "V" secret whammy !!

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UMASS March 19 1987

Toads Place Oct 18,1987

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