Hartford CT
The Comet circa 1989-91 as seen by Artrocity!

Not meant to be an all encompassing view just a limited perpective.

The Comet was an art deco restaurant in the West End of Hartford. At nights the basement contained a thriving alternative dance scene and a showcase for local bands. This page was created to showcase Artrocity!'s little part of history and the history that is Artrocity!

During this time period Artrocity! was a team of two players. Artrocity!'s main voice was the booking agent who shmoozed the bands and the bar owners into believing that a local rock scene could thrive in Hartford. When they all believed the scene flourished. When they stopped believing it died. Typical situation. Me, I'm Joe Photographer.

We were able to book a thursday night local band show for about a year. We then opened an all-age Sunday show where I was able to DJ. The biggest act we booked for the comet was Miracle Legion.What follows is links to some of favorite photos from the time period. If anyone has any Current Info about any of these bands
or can help identify the nameless please contact me via e-mail.

Im sorry Ive forgotten your names. These are some of my favorite shots from back in the day. Usually shot a roll+ each nite of any act that we booked. More from the Photo file:
  • pattismith-like from New Haven?
  • Jesus Lizard !!!
  • johnnyrotten-wannabes
  • Blues Guitars

  • Any Questions?? Mail Me!

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